The Perfect Manifesto

Here’s to fully showing up. On the doorstep. And in life.

Here’s to pulling it off beautifully. Even down to the cork.

Here’s to the screw cap. And knowing when to say, “Screw it.”

Here’s to the glass half full.

Here’s to leaving room to breathe.

Here’s to reconnecting with what’s important. Starting with ourselves.

Here’s to seeing the world through rosé-colored glasses. Or red-colored or white-colored, as the case may be.

Here’s to special occasions. Like birthdays. Anniversaries. And Pizza Night.

Here’s to popping open the $50 bottle. Because it’s Tuesday.

Here’s to the ones who are there for you. With or without wine.   

Here’s to what brings us all together and having a little more fun.

Here’s to coming as we are. And leaving a little better than we were.

Here’s to sparkling.

Here’s to living for a living.

Here’s to knowing when you’ve got it good. And taking a moment to sip it all in.

PS. Here’s to the Sip Life.