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Me + My Perfect Sip

Think about a gorgeous candle lit setting where you are surrounded by loved ones drinking wine, eating amazing food and sharing lots of laughter. These are the best memories in life. My dream was to bottle up these experiences and share them with the world by creating High Kick Wine. These wines are made just for you! I can’t believe that my High Kick Rosé would become the #1 selling Rosé in Sweden in its first year, and then sell from Australia to Denmark. And now I finally get to introduce it to you in the US! I am so proud to bring you my High Kick Wine, and I know some of you have been waiting since the very start. Bottled in a place I adore - Veneto, Italy, it’s fresh, elegant, smooth and rich with decadent flavors of berries. I put my heart and soul into creating two masterpieces for you, so enjoy Perfect Sips and start creating your own memories. Welcome to my family!

High Kick Rosé by Fredrik Eklund

It's no secret that I am obsessed with Rosé! It has to be light, almost weightless, fresh and elegant with a hint of strawberries, citrus and herbs. I want the perfect balance between dry and sweet as the grapes would fuse together like magic. My rosé was created for celebrations in New York penthouses or grilling by the pool while the dogs play in the backyard. Share it with your best friends and enjoy your time together.

High Kick King by Fredrik Eklund

I absolutely love everything about Italy! Walking through a vineyard in Northern Italy during a cool morning with my espresso, hand-picking each perfect grape that is about to be blended into my High Kick King is a wonderful memory that I think of often. I needed to capture an essence of Italy in my High Kick King that was elegant and rich with flavors of the foods that I love - cherries, blackberries, herbs and chocolate! When you open this with friends, I want you to savor each velvety sip as you cheers to a great life together!

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