Easter and Passover Wine Tips from The Perfect Sip

It’s that time of year again- when the Easter iconography of pink and purple baskets, multi-colored dyed eggs, and Cadbury overload takes over for some- and stories of the plagues told over Passover seders (often replete with wine) take over for others.

Wine is often inextricably linked to both holidays. So what tips does the Perfect Sip have for being the Perfect Host on either occasion?

What to Serve at the Perfect Easter Brunch

  1. Sparkling wine is a wonderful enhancement to any brunch, Easter Sunday included. You can dress it up with orange juice for Mimosas, peach juice/syrah for Bellinis, or simply toss in a few berries.
  2. For general brunch purposes, Pinot Grigio is a great bet as it pairs with everything from frittatas to a waffle bar thanks to its floral and aromatic overtones.
  3. Also hard to go wrong if you pair a beautiful rosé with brunch cuisine of eggs/quiche/crepes/sausages/fruit platters and the pretty pastels of bunnies and dyed eggs.

Easter Picks by the Perfect Sip:

What to Serve at Your Passover Seder

The Perfect Sip does not yet offer Kosher wines. The main tip we can provide is that there are great Kosher wines from around the world: the most iconic being called Manischewitz.

Other great choices are a tangy and zesty New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc from Goose Bay (Goose Bay 2015 Sauvignon Blanc, $15) and Israel’s colorful and highly drinkable Golan Heights 2015 Red Blend, also $15.

If you are hosting or attending a seder where Kosher wines are not required, then two great choices for the event are these two Perfect Sip wines created by Israeli-native, American-entrepreneur Yoav Gilat and his team at Share a Splash, Inc.:

The Perfect Sip’s  non-Kosher Wine Passover Picks:

Cheers to a festive and family-filled April!

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